What good is having the best top-of-the-line geothermal equipment if no one knows how to service and install it? Training tops the list of priorities here at WaterFurnace – we have five dedicated trainers and a training coordinator to set up classes in your area. You don’t have to come to us, we’ll come to you. 

In order to become one of our exclusive dealers, you first need to take our service and installation training class. This class is taught by some of the top experts in geothermal technology. Hands-on demonstrations and informative presentations make it a well-rounded educational experience. We want you to have the most product knowledge available so you can represent and service our equipment the best way possible. This class also qualifies toward NATE Continuing Education Units so you can keep your certification up to date.

We also provide Geothermal Piping Design training which includes IGSHPA Certification. Here you can learn the best ways to install and design piping and loop layout for your customers – all taught by experts in piping design.

Sales Software Training is also available to our dealers. This class will take you through Gizmo, an online economic analysis program that generates PDF proposals in the click of a button.