Lead Generation

Along with support on advertising, we also offer a few different lead generation and distribution methods. We want as many interested consumers as possible to reach your sales channels. That’s why we pass along leads generated from our own waterfurnace.com “contact us” form and our 1-800-GEO-SAVE phone line for free. We also have a great tool for calculating potential savings and gathering sales lead information called the “Savings Calculator.” One of these calculators can be placed on your own website and also linked to our dealer locator bringing leads directly to you. No one else will get the leads generated by your savings calculator – we’ll even forward leads generated from the WaterFurnace corporate savings calculator to the appropriate dealer in the area.

We also follow-up on leads generated so we know you’re upholding your end of the deal. We want to be sure the consumer is getting what they need when they need it. Not only that, this follow-up process keeps WaterFurnace in contact with dealers and will benefit everyone in the end.

It’s really all about communication. We want to communicate to you everything we can do to help make your stay as a dealer as comfortable as possible.