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WaterFurnace has built its reputation on innovation since the day it was founded in 1983. Our product engineering, customer support, and reputation for excellence set us high above the rest – and we’re enjoying the view. From the groundbreaking reliability of our original product line to the efficiency-leading performance of our units today, WaterFurnace has been known for our “firsts”.

In 1986, we introduced the extended range WX Series which quickly became known as the most reliable units in the industry. In fact, many homeowners are still in love with their WX units, more than 20 years later. Following the success of the WX line, WaterFurnace engineers shattered existing standards with the Premier AT Series - a unit that exceeded the efficiency of the competition by 2-3 EER points! This revolutionary line was the first to include ECM fan motors, scroll compressors, internal electric heat packages, non-bleed balanced port TXVs, custom residential microprocessor control boards, internal condensate traps, plastic drain pans, impedance condensate sensing, thermistor-based freeze protection, and the white powder-coated cabinet.

In 1999 we achieved another milestone with the first-ever geothermal unit designed for forced air heating and cooling with hot water for radiant floors – the Synergy3. Even after a decade, the current-generation of product, theSynergy3D, is unique in the industry.

In 2006 came our proudest achievement – the world’s most efficient unit. The competition still hasn’t matched the efficiency of our Envision Series – the reliability, quiet operation, and range of sizes combine to make the Envision our pride and joy. Customer's striving for the most environmentally friendly technologies should be proud of installing an Envision unit in their home.

Our current product line is our best work yet – easy to sell, easy to install, and easy to love. Take a look at our lineup on the Product Page.

Helping you

As a leader in innovation, we tend to stand apart. In an economy bent on efficiency, WaterFurnace has met and exceded the challenge. While traditional air-source manufacturers and dealers have fallen in sales, WaterFurnace and geothermal have continued to rise steadily. Rest assured, your sales will reflect this as well as geothermal is consistently gaining popularity and market share.

WaterFurnace has a history of innovation and a strong forward momentum in the geothermal industry. We'd love to welcome you into the WaterFurnace family of dealers.